Lettering and Modern Brush Calligraphy Workshop in Linz, Austria

Theme: Succulent Love

I had the pleasure to teach Bellaflora's for the fourth time but this time was for their employees as their team building event. Ten participants from various department from accounting to marketing sat down in one large table filled with green plants and succulents to learn lettering and modern brush calligraphy. Little ones were also there and it was trully touching to see one of the participant writing with one hand and the other hand holding her baby. Now, that is what I call super woman and great multi-tasking skill.Right after the workshop I went to their shop to buy eight succulents for my home. Something to remember and cherish. :-)
Location: Linz Bellaflora Headquarter

I conduct workshop privately (one-to-one lesson) as well as in a group of individuals and for companies (team building event, contest winners or influencers marketing events).
Feel free to say hello through instagram or send me email. I`ll be happy to get in touch and teach you the beauty of handwritten messages.

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